100 Calorie Nut Jars

In the past, when I have been cutting calories for weight loss, I have completely given up nuts. Sure, they are full of 'good fat' and protein and are super satisfying, but the calories and fat grams can add up, easily sabotaging any plans for calorie control. Then, I discovered the magic of pre-packaged 100 calorie nut packs. These gems solved my portion control dilemma — if you have to open a new packet, you become more aware of the added calorie intake — but ended up causing me a lot of environmental guilt because of the extraneous plastic and packaging.  

So, I make my own. I had these mini Ball jars lying around from one holiday season when I decided to make homemade "nutella" as gifts (it didn't go as well as it sounds like it did) and realized that they are the perfect eco-friendly snack carrier.


Here's what 100 calories of nuts look like:

  • Almonds: 14 whole

  • Cashews: 10 whole

  • Pecans: 9 pecan halves

  • Pistachios: 26 shelled

  • Macadamia Nuts: 6 whole

  • Walnuts: 10 whole



Try to look for raw or roasted unsalted nuts without added oils.