Holiday Gifts That Give Back

Double down on your holiday giving by buying charity-focused gifts this season. Not only will your family and friends love these beautiful and conscious gifts, your purchase will also benefit someone less fortunate.

1. Bird + Stone Cleopatra Bracelet. I know from experience that this bracelet is a friend / sister / daughter pleaser and 15% of the net profits fund microloans and financial training for widowed women rebuilding their lives through entrepreneurship in villages outside of Kitale, Kenya through their partnership with the Sisi Fund


2. The Daily FEED Bag.  This new design by FEED is stylish, super functional and provides 50 school meals to children around the world.

Photo:  ABCHome

Photo: ABCHome

3ABCDNA bracelets I am obsessed with these bracelets from ABC Home, they're gorgeous, affordable and they help preserve the cultural identity of Vietnam through century-old handicraft techniques, artisan workshops maintain women's statuses as income earners, mothers, wives and daughters.

Photo:  AUrate

Photo: AUrate

4. AUrate Connected Necklace. AUrate's designs are delicate, luxurious and each purchase also buys a book for a child in need.

5. Tory Burch Foundation Seed Box.  A curated box of products created by women entrepreneurs. Buy your loved one a luxe gift from top brand Tory Burch and support female entrepreneurs. Win, win. 

Photo:   Sudara

Photo: Sudara

6. Punjammies by Sudara. Sudara's beautiful lounge pants are made by women working to remain free from sex slavery. They team up with these women by partnering with indigenous organizations to establish micro-enterprise sewing centers that offer the women a fresh start and place to heal. 

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