The Best Organic Tea

Not all organic tea is created equal. An organic label or certification is one set of standards (and definitely a great start), but it doesn't necessarily mean you are getting an exceptional tea. As a tea (and organics) enthusiast, I have tasted a lot of organic tea.  I have come to notice a distinct difference in flavor and effect (lower quality caffeinated teas tend to be too acidic and cause jittters) in the higher quality teas. After doing some digging, I learned that these teas also happen to have sourcing, processing and corporate standards that far exceed a single certification. Here are a few of my favorite organic teas, based on a confluence of flavor, experience and commitment to delivering a sustainable, conscious, top-tier product:


Photo:  Numi Teas

Photo: Numi Teas

Numi's tea tends to have a rich and full-bodied flavor. This may be because they source only whole leaf grade tea (Flowery Orange Pekoe and above). Numi has certifications from: Organic Certification, Non-GMO Verification and B Corporation. Further, 80% of Numi's raw ingredients are Fair Trade Certified™ 

My favorite Numi Tea: Gunpowder Green

Traditional Medicinals

Traditional Medicinals teas have a foundation in herbalism and blend ailment curing mixtures with exceptional flavor. They also source 97% organic raw materials, are Non-GMO Project Verified, source FairWild® Certified and Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients, are a Certified California Green Business, members of the Sustainable Food Trade Association (SFTA), are a Certified B Corporation,California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) use cartons made from 100% recycled paperboard.

My favorite Traditional Medicinal teas: Roasted Dandelion Root and Throat Coat


Organic India

Organic India makes delicious teas that feature Tulsi, an herb that has been used for generations of Indians for its healing properties. Organic India takes their quality control seriously, their teas have certifications from B Corporation, Fairtrade America, Non GMO Project Verification, EU Organic Certification, NPOP India Organic, EARTH SEER, GMP, HACCP, ISO 9001 : 2008, USDA, Control Union Certifications, OU Kosher, Soil Association and Halal Certification. Learn more about these certifications here.

My favorite Organic India tea: Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea

Mighty Leaf

Photo:  Mighty Leaf

Mighty Leaf's teas are top quality whole leaf tea packaged in hand sewn, biodegradable bags and you can taste the robust flavors this produces each time you take a sip. Mighty Leaf offers 10 certified organic and 5 fair trade certified teas. 

My favorite Mighty Leaf tea: Organic Spring Jasmine

Løv Organic

Løv Organic teas are high end Parisian favorite Kusmi Tea's organic sister. This line certified by ECOCERT and bear the French label (AB), the European label and the American “USDA organic” label. These teas are GMO-free and source at least 95% of organically grown ingredients free from chemical fertilizers or chemicals.

My favorite Løv Organic tea: Mint

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