A Loving Meditation

We could all use more love right now. One of my favorite meditations is a Loving Kindness-like meditation that I learned from a Buddhist monk at the Kadampa Center in Miami and adapted to be a bit more outward focused and also babe friendly. This meditation allows you to experience inner calm and healing as well as to extend loving vibes to others. Quick note on your babe: babies move and they cry and they talk, which makes it near impossible to be totally still and sit in silence. Just try to go with the flow and make their movements part of the meditation. 


A Loving Meditation

1. Find a comfortable seat 

2. Close your eyes (or leave a tiny slit open if you want to keep an eye on your babe). 

3.  Focus on your breath. Inhale deeply, exhale deeply.

4. On the inhale, envision a warm light emanating from your heart.  

5. Now envision the warm light filling up your entire body.  

6. Envision the warm light extending beyond your body to embrace your babe. 

7. Now envision the warm light extending to your whole family, your neighbors, your coworkers.  

8. Finally, envision the warm light embracing every being on earth and beyond.