Sustainably Sexy Lingerie

Nothing has made me feel less sexy than being a brand new mama so I recently went on a search for some sexy lingerie to help reignite some semblance of my sexy womanhood. I recently made a commitment (to myself) to purchase the most sustainable, employee friendly clothes that I could possibly find.  Unfortunately, some products are easier to buy consciously than others. Organic food and cotton tees, easy-peezy. Yoga mats and pants made from recycled materials, sure thing. Lingerie that is conscious AND sexy and sophisticated? Not so simple. Here are a few great finds:


Sokoloff is a line of gorgeous lingerie constructed by Sofia Sokoloff 100% made in Canada. Their mission is to support local labor and production and to encourage healthy body image. I am currently obsessed with this lacey aqua bralette.


Azura Bay

photo: Iris London on  Azura Bay

photo: Iris London on Azura Bay

Azura Bay is a one stop online shop for ethically constructed lingerie. Faced with the frustrations of finding quality ethical brands, founder Ashley McIntosh took it upon herself to curate luxurious brands that also support great values such as: ethical production, local options, artisan & handmade production, Fair Trade and eco-friendly fabrics and production processes as much as possible


Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is the creme de la of conscious fashion. True to form, her lingerie line does not disappoint.


Brook There

Brook There creates beautiful minimalist underthings using organic cotton and real silk. All of Brook There's pieces are made in the USA. Currently swooning over their Chestnut and Sky Alchemy Lingerie Set and their oh-so-simple Buttermint Organic Cotton Lingerie.  


Do You Green

Do you Green blends sexy sophisticated french tailoring and lace with sustainable fabrics made from pinewood fibers from sustainable forests. Over the moon for this Triangle Bra with Calais Lace


Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky makes some of the best everyday underwear out there. It is a huge bonus that they use US-grown cotton, manufacture in the US and package in 100% recycled paper. I'm particularly fond of Hanky Panky's Organic Cotton Low Rise Thongs that are made with 96% Organically-Grown Supima® Cotton.

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