How to Find the Best Ethical Clothing

I recently made a commitment to purchase clothing from companies that use sustainable fabrics and have an ethical supply chain. While I have been eating consciously for years and made a commitment to sustainable lingerie a few months back, after a bit of reading, I sadly realized that some of my favorite clothing brands don't have a transparent supply chain (and therefore likely support exploitation, forced labor, and human trafficking or child labor). They also probably use tons of horrific chemicals. Finding ethical brands to adopt hasn't been easy. Fashion supply chains are notoriously tricky to trace so it makes the process full of questions and complexities. Plus, conscious brands aren't always the most fashion-forward. Rather than list out my new brand selections (I tend to choose 3 or 4 brands to wear so as to eliminate decision fatigue), I'd like to share these resources are educational and make great brand recommendations.


  1. Project JUST was conceived by two women who believe that informed and empowered consumers have the power to transform the fashion industry to an ethical and sustainable one with each purchase. This site parses the practices of each brand and curates Project Just approved lists. It is a membership site, but everyone gets access to research on up to 3 brands for free per month. Research your favorite brands here.

  2. The Good Trade is a beautiful site that highlights eco brands.

  3. EcoCult - Alden Wicker writes about all things eco on her site. She has an extra juicy section on fashion, check out this article about eco-friendly denim brands.

What are your favorite resources for ethical shopping?