My Favorite Natural Products for Traveling with My Babe RN

We are excited that we've been able to keep up our travel with baby. It has been hard sometimes, but is mostly great once you get into a groove. Here are some tips for keeping your cool while traveling with baby. It also helps to have great products that will keep you healthy while traveling. Here are the products that I can't live without while traveling right now (our daughter is 8.5 months and I am still mostly breastfeeding).

Manduka EKO Lite Yoga Mat - even just 5 sun salutations or 5 minutes of meditation can help you feel grounded on travel days or hectic vacations. I am obsessed with these mats, they are super light and fold up into your carry on or diaper bag, but also great quality.

Conscious Coconut - I was so excited to finally find coconut oil packaged for travel. Coconut oil is magic. I use this to remove my makeup, as lotion, as diaper rash cream, as chapstick, for drool rash, as a snack, etc. etc. etc. Here are some more ways to use coconut oil for you and your baby.

Baby Lit - I recently discovered these books and I am in love (Gracie likes them too ;). They've taken all of your favorite classics and distilled them into baby books. Some are even multilingual. Currently reading: Don Quixote in English y Español.

Probiotics* - When I first told our pediatrician our travel schedule she immediately recommended that I take shelf stable probiotics. Lots of them. She tells me that it will help keep me and the babe well (obviously, you should check in with your doctor before taking probiotics, everyone's body is different). I take 2-6 a day and so far so good.

Bulletproof Protein Bars - I've recently taken on an almost keto diet and I have to admit that I am feeling really great. Their lemon cookie collagen bars are insanely delicious and are the perfect snacks to pack in your bag for the flight.

Peter Rabbit Organics Pouches* - all parents know that these pouches are brilliant. I like this brand particularly because they contain only simple ingredients / are organic etc. and they have a nice blend of fruit and vegetables (of course the babe seems to prefer the sweeter packets). Also easy to pack for the plane / dinners out etc.

Garden of Life Protein Raw Protein and Greens Packets* - I swear by this protein powder (and sometimes I make yummy chocolate mousse with it). Not only does it give a good plant-based protein boost (which is a necessity for breast feeding mamas), it also contains a whole slew of greens which come in handy when you're traveling somewhere where salads aren't readily available. 

*a portion of the sale from this link benefits my favorite charity, The Connection Coalition 

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