A 5 Minute Meditation for Stress Relief

The stresses of being a mom (and a wife and an employee and, and, and) can easily add up. For me, it sometimes feels like the responsibility and exhaustion are never ending. I find meditation to be such an excellent tool for dealing with daily stresses, kid related or not. I honestly don't think I would hold it together if it weren't for my practice.

Here is one of my favorite visualizations that I do for 5 minutes for whenever the stress feels just too overwhelming:

  1. close your eyes (or leave them ever so slightly open if you need to watch your babe).

  2. start by taking deep, slow breaths. innnnnnn and hold and outtttttt.

  3. as you inhale, start to visualize all of the stress and chaos from your day pulling out from your body and coming to the surface to rest on top of your skin.

  4. now on the exhale visualize either jumping into the ocean or a large waterfall gushing down and washing away all of the stress (and chaos and anger) from your skin.

  5. repeat.