A Body Positivity Meditation for New Moms

A few months postpartum I found myself a little down about my body. I ate healthfully, I exercised regularly and I still found myself frustrated with my new body. The more I got frustrated, the more I would focus in on the things that I didn't like and the worse I would feel.

Then I took a step back and remembered that my body just did an amazing thing. I grew a life inside of me and continued to be her life source. Realizing this helped me to feel truly in awe of myself and I was able to come back to a place of self love, patience and body positivity — a great place to be when starting a wellness program. 

I also like to practice this simple body positivity meditation:

1. Close your eyes.

2. Focus on your breath.

3. Thank your body for growing the baby.

4. First, thank your body for feeding the baby, staying awake to care for the baby, for holding the baby.

5. Now, visualize yourself giving your physical body a big, loving, adoring hug. 

6. Take long deep breaths as you deepen this visualized hug. Squeeze yourself a little harder.

7. Continue to do so for 5 minutes.