The Best 3-Day Reset

Did you fall off of your healthy eating bandwagon over the holiday? Same. For me that means eating cheese, bread and craft beer, oh my. For you, it might mean sweets, packaged foods, double or triple BBQ helpings, etc. One of my favorite things to do when I get home from vacations, the holidays or even the weekend is a 3-day reset. I’ve tried cleanses in the past, but they left me feeling hungry and feeling deprived. When I do a reset, I eat whole foods and just cut out inflammatory foods or foods that I have emotional attachments to (cheese! plantain chips!). I do this without judgment or guilt about my holiday eating adventures.

Ready to give it a try? Below are the best 3-day resets, imo:


Whole30 - Whole30 has pretty strict rules about following the plan for 30 days, but I sometimes break the rules and find this program to be a great blueprint for shorter resets as well. +find Whole30 recipe inspo here.

Eating Well 3-Day Reset - I love Eating Well’s meal plans because they are created by Registered Dietitians (who know how to properly pair foods to deliver the right amount of macro and micronutrients). This particular plan is plant-based.

3-Day Reset - I met Pooja when she was a student at Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City. I was immediately drawn to this book because it focuses on eating whole and minimally processed foods. She includes resets that focus on commonly problematic foods like sugar, salt, wheat and take out.

Juice Press 3-Day Clean Eating Plan - Since living in New York City, Juice Press has been my favorite juice company. They have intense integrity when it comes to clean ingredients and I love it. I like this 3-day clean eating program because it includes easy to digest vegetable juices, soups and also whole foods. I also love that everything is pre-packed so you don’t have to think about or prepare anything.