The Best Juice Bars in Miami

Green Juice is one of my self-care essentials. Drinking even just one cold-pressed, vegetable-based juice each week makes me feel more vibrant. Thankfully, Miami has a lot of exceptional juice bars to choose from.

What to look for in a juice:

Cold-pressed - cold-pressed juice is served fresh, which helps them to deliver the most vitamins and minerals (source).

Avoid sugary drinks - try to opt for vegetable-based juices. Fruit juices tend to be higher on the glycemic index and can spike your blood sugar (source). When fruit is juiced, the fiber is stripped away making these juices high in sugar. Eating too much sugar can cause weight gain, bad skin and increase your risk for chronic disease (source). The closer to the beginning of the menu the fruit is listed, the more of it is likely in the juice. Keep an eye out for apple, orange, pineapple, pear and other juices when making your selection. 

No HPP - I personally avoid HPP (High Pressure Pasteurization), a technique used by the food industry to pasteurize and extend shelf life without destroying flavor. While there is absolutely no scientific evidence that non-HPP'd juice is healthier than HPP'd juice, it is my personal belief (and that of many raw food purists) that the raw and completely unprocessed version is better. 

Like most Miamians, Jugo Fresh used to be my go-to spot for a clean green juice. When they shut down last year, I found myself having Pachamama withdrawals. Over the last year, I've been on the search for the best green juice in Miami, here's what I've found:

Lido at The Standard - The Standard offers delicious fresh pressed juice with a view at their beautiful restaurant and juice bar. Try the: STNDRD RX.


Greeng Juice Bar - located near Wynwood, this is my new go-to juice bar. They have great smoothies, cold-pressed juices and power bowls. Try the: Adjust Yourself.

Angelina's - this Midtown cafe doesn't have a well-publicized juice bar, but their juice is some of the freshest and least expensive in the city. Try the: Spice of Life.

Guarapo Juice Bar - another Midtown gem serving delicious, pure, not crazily priced juices. Try the: Total Greens and the Anemia and Diabetes Remedies.

Dr. Smood - Dr. Smood is one of my favorite spots for healthy food in Miami. It is a beautiful café that lends itself to meetups or some mama alone time. Try the: Green Juice No. 5.

Raw Juce - with several South Florida locations, this juicery is a Miami favorite. Their juices and smoothies tend to be on the sweet side, so be thoughtful about what you order here. Try the: Green or F.O.Y juice.