The Best Natural Deodorant for Working Out

“Eeewww someone smells.” I was a difficult workout class in Midtown Miami three days into my third attempt at a switch to natural deodorant. It was me, I smelled. Ugh. I made the switch to mostly Organic food more than a decade ago, I can’t remember the last time I cleaned with a toxic cleaning product, I recently made the switch to sustainable clothing, but I was still slathering chemicals under my armpits every day. My first two attempts at making the switch to natural failed, it was just too hard to find something natural that worked, especially during intense activity. I almost gave up again after this very embarrassing workout class moment, but I instead decided to march over to Target and purchase whichever natural deodorant brands that I hadn’t yet tried.


And guess what, you guys?! I found one.

Why make the switch to natural deodorant?

Many reputable organizations agree that there is not enough research to definitively say that the chemicals in deodorant cause breast cancer, but there is some research that shows that it might. This Time article breaks down the chemicals of concern: aluminum, parabens, pthalates, triclosan and fragrance. It also raises concerns about chemicals entering into the blood stream through the skin without filtration from the liver.

Again there is no evidence of either of these things, but many raise concerns about antiperspirants not allowing the body to naturally detoxify through sweat (though, detoxification actually happens through the liver and kidneys) and about toxins building up in the important lymphatic system.

Regardless, if you don’t put chemicals in your mouth, why on earth would you slather them all over your body?

I am happy to report that Native Deodorant has stood up to weeks of client sessions and intense workouts. Plus, it smells like coconuts! Native deodorant is made without aluminum, parabens, phthalates, and talc and is also cruelty-free.

Here is the full list of ingredients from their site:

We use caprylic/capric triglyceride, tapioca starch, ozokerite, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), magnesium hydroxide, coconut oil, cyclodextrin, shea butter, dextrose, and L. Acidophilus (probiotic). Our scented deodorants include a proprietary blend of oils. Due to FDA recommendations, we use the term fragrance to refer to these oils.

Native did not pay me to say this. I seriously love this product so much that I just had to share my findings. This post could potentially spare you years of trial and error with ineffective natural deodorants. If you do buy Native on Amazon through this link, I’ll get a tiny portion of the sales, which will support more posts about useful stuff.