The Best Travel Yoga Mat

Do you love getting in workouts or yoga classes while on vacation, but don’t want to drag around your own mat or rent one? Try these super light, foldable yoga mats that you can fit in any suitcase. All of these mats are also made of sustainable materials. Here’s why that matters.

I have owned a Manduka eKO Superlite for many, many years and I love it. I used to carry this mat around with me in my purse when I lived in New York City. It is made of high-quality, sustainable rubber and folds up to fit anywhere. The one caution I would offer is to avoid the sun or super hot yoga classes with this mat. My first Manduka travel mat melted in a hot yoga class.

Jade Yoga Mats are the highest quality yoga mat on the market, imo. The Jade Voyager Mat mats are made in the USA from sustainable tree rubber, are foldable and offer great traction.

Yoga Design Lab makes travel mats in beautiful designs to make your travel workouts more vibrant. They are also sustainable.

Ugo’s travel mats are light, foldable, machine washable (!), made from SGS certified natural tree rubber and come in fun, uplifting designs.

The above mats are really lovely, but offer very little padding. If you want the padding of a normal mat, but still want a space that is your own, I suggest buying a yoga towel. You can rent a mat from the studio where you are traveling and then place the towel on top. Most yoga towels are made of microfiber, which I buy with caution because many are made out of toxic materials.

I always come back to Manduka because their dedication to sustainability is next level. The Manduka eQua Towel is an eco-conscious choice for a yoga towel.

Bonus: if you want to get in a pillow meditation while on vacation, check out this inflatable meditation cushion that comes in an organic cotton cover.