Things to Do in Buenos Aires - with Kids

We recently returned from the most delightful trip to Buenos Aires with our daughter. Just as everyone had told us, Buenos Aires had a very European feel. It was an extremely comfortable place to visit. Mostly, we spent our time exploring the quaint streets of Palermo, viewing art and eating. We also took a brief trip to Patagonia in the middle of our stay, which was truly incredible.

To Stay


We stayed in Palermo Hollywood, which many people had suggested as the best to stay. After spending a week in the city, I would agree. We stayed in an Airbnb in a luxury building with security, in one of (what I considered to be) the best neighborhoods for well under $100 a night and our Airbnb host was super helpful in a number of ways.

Getting around

Uber operates in Buenos Aires, but for us it was not always reliable. Definitely bring cash for the car rides. We also took a couple of taxis and had no issues. Here’s some more helpful info on taxi rides.

Money Things

It is difficult to pay for cars and tips on credit cards, so it is advisable to take out cash. There is a very high fee for extracting cash from an ATM (~$10). Check here for the current exchange rate. Tip is not compulsory, but 10% is greatly appreciated.


We felt safe the entire time we were there. We mostly spent time in Palermo and Recoleta. Like all big cities, there are neighborhoods that are not advisable to be in, we didn’t venture there. People say not to spend time in La Boca at night, we did not. A lot of people talk about pickpocketing, we didn’t have any issues, but are generally very conscientious of this. I didn’t carry a purse or wear any nice jewelry and kept my phone pretty guarded. Overall, the city feels very safe and clean.


Fewer people speak English in Buenos Aires than in many European cities that we’ve visited. We speak enough Spanish to get by, but you can definitely find English speakers in hotels and the stores and restaurants in the popular areas.

Jardín Botánico Carlos Thays.jpg

To Do

Climbing the art at Museo del Arte Decorativo

Climbing the art at Museo del Arte Decorativo

  • Jardín Botánico Carlos Thays - I found these botanical gardens to be magical. This was one of my favorite things to do in BA. It was also a wonderful place for the babe to explore.

  • Eco Parque - this park used to be a zoo and it still has wildlife to view. A great activity for the kids.

  • Recoleta Cemetery - A beautiful cemetery to peruse. It reminded me of Père Lachaise in Paris. Stop by Casa Cavia or El Jardin de Invierno (more info below) for a lovely lunch afterwards.

  • Airbnb tour around Palermo SoHo - our guide took us to many unique shops and we got to taste a lot of the national delicacies like alfajores and dulce de leche. It was a fun way to explore the neighborhood.

  • Walk through Palermo Hollywood and Palermo SoHo.

  • Eat (recs below).

  • Museums - we visited MALBA, Fundacion Proa and Museo del Arte Decorativo.

  • Go to a fútbol game or polo match. We missed polo season by a few months, so unfortunately could not attend a game. My husband attended a soccer game, but we were advised not to take the baby, which we did not. He had a hard time finding a car ride home, so just something to consider.

  • Take a short trip. We went on a short sojourn to Bariloche in Patagonia for a few days where went on several kid-friendly hikes and bike rides. The natural beauty there is awe-inducing. The internal flights were inexpensive and simple to navigate.

fútbol game

fútbol game

To Eat


Because of the baby, we ended up eating way earlier than most people. Many restaurants don’t even open until 8:30pm and it is somewhat challenging to find food service between the hours of 3:30 and 8:30pm. Everyone was super accommodating to our family. Porteños definitely eat a lot of meat and sweets, but I actually found more vegetable and fish options than I had expected. Here are some of the restaurants that we loved:

  • Parrilla Don Julio - traditional parrilla in Palermo SoHo.

  • La Cabrera - visitors and locals alike recommended this parilla. We missed the boat, when we called for reservations they were booked for the entire week. So, book early!

  • Oui Oui - a charming café in Palermo SoHo. We ate breakfast here almost every day.

  • La Carniceria - another one we missed out on because we didn’t book in time. It is seemingly very popular.

  • Las Pizzarras Bistro - a wonderful restaurant with a chef-lead menu. The service here was superb.

  • Casa Cavia - a beautiful garden space for an elegant lunch or dinner.

  • El Jardin de Invierno - another beautiful garden for brunch or lunch in Recoleta.

  • Juice Up - cold-pressed juice was definitely more difficult to come by in Buenos Aires, than in say New York or Miami, but I found a delicious spot in Palermo.