My Guide to the Florida Keys for Families

We’ve spent the last few weekends exploring the upper Florida Keys of Islamorada and Key Largo. I feel that we have just scratched the surface, so this is by no means a comprehensive list, rather a collection of places that we really enjoy spending time as a family. I’ll continue to update as we discover more.

Morada Bay - Morada Bay is one of our favorite places in the Keys, period. The views are stunning, the food is fresh and there is a lovely beach for the kids to roam around on.

Baker’s Cay - Baker’s Cay is a beautiful, hip resort located in Key Largo. The waters are clear and calm and the view is incredible. The beach and swimming area here are absolutely perfect for kids and they have paddleboards, kayaks, etc. on hand. The rooms can be a bit pricey, so if you’re not up for that, you can buy a day pass to the beach or join them for the view in the beach cafe.

Playa Largo - a large, super kid-friendly resort in Key Largo with amazing views.

Go for a boat ride! Getting out on the water is truly the best part of the Keys. There are a million boat tours to be done. We found one on Airbnb experiences.

Eat fresh fish! Eating fish for every meal is the second best thing. Almost every restaurant will have delicious fish on the menu.

Go paddleboarding or kayaking - again you should be able to find an outfitter at or near your hotel.

Coffee and Juice:

Key Roots - everywhere I travel, I seek out the token juice bar that serves unsweet, cold-pressed green juice. This Islamorada juice bar does not disappoint.

Cafe Moka - Islamorada coffee shop that serves almond milk lattes (my jam) and has beautiful yard seating amongst other lovely shops.

Date & Thyme Key West - a natural food store with a smoothie, salad and wrap bar.

What are your favorite places to visit in the Keys?