I tried the Fitbit of Pelvic Floor Exercises. Here's What Happened.

Pelvic floor muscles

Pelvic floor muscles

To be honest, when kGoal first reached out to me to test their smart pelvic floor exerciser, I felt a little embarrassed about trying the device. After some giving it some thought, I realized that it could potentially be a great tool for postpartum healing. So I gave it a whirl.

If you remember from my interview with Pelvic Floor Therapist Lindsay Vestal, the pelvic floor has three major functions that are completely crucial to daily function:

  1. Elimination. Of both the bowel and bladder. This includes both full elimination and also holding waste in.

  2. Intimacy. The pelvic floor should support comfortable, pleasurable sex.

  3. Support. The pelvic floor supports the bladder, rectum and uterus.

The pelvic floor is often weakened by pregnancy and childbirth, which can cause all sorts of problems such as: incontinence, back pain, organ prolapse and more.

The pelvic floor is comprised of several muscles and it is a more complex system than we give it credit for. There are many exercises that can help you connect with your pelvic floor. Some of my favorites are: pelvic tilts, bridges, squats and kegels and now kGoal squeezes.

My package arrived and I was impressed by how approachable they’ve made the device. The packaging looks as if it could be something that Apple had created, the app is easy to download and connect to the device and the bright blue color is inviting. It does look a bit like a sex toy, which I got over almost immediately after settling in to do the exercises.

kgoal .png

I found 5 minutes after my daughter went down for a nap to test out the device and was honestly pleasantly surprised. One thing that I really like about the pelvic exercises with kGoal is that I am able to feel my pelvic floor muscles in a more targeted way than with other exercises I’ve done. I honestly don’t do a lot of kegels at home or with my clients. They can feel awkward and are difficult to gauge if they are being done correctly. This device might be a wonderful solution to those problems. Not only does it provide guidance on the exercises, it also tracks your strength, endurance and control. The other thing about these exercises is that the workouts that they provide are more like video games. Playing a game like Brick or Shape Shifter makes the workout a fun-filled 5 minutes, rather than an awkward time trying to find muscles that you have never heard of before.


I would definitely check in with my physical therapist first, but think that kGoal could be an important tool to add to your postpartum workout toolbox. Especially if your physical therapist prescribes kegels for some of the common problems associated with a weak pelvic floor. 

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