Free Meditations for Moms


My meditation practice literally changed my life. I used to experience such bad anxiety that I could barely make it through my day to day life. It held back my personal relationships, my self confidence and my career. Developing a meditation practice - I started small and increased in time and intensity little by little - helped me to be able to experience emotions without falling down a disastrous rabbit hole.

I am extremely grateful that I had the foundations of a meditation practice in place before I became a mother. Some elements of parenthood can cause of stress, frustration and anxiety. Meditation has given me tools to navigate all of this in a positive way.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience or know what you’re doing. There are many free meditation resources out there. Here are 5 wonderful free meditation videos that you can do on YouTube:

Meditation for Conscious Parenting with Elena Brower and LiveSonima