A Simple Morning Exercise that can Change your Day

There has been a lot of buzz around morning routines, so I of course had to give it a try. Over the past year, I have been slowly incorporating new mini habits into my day and the results have been wonderful. By taking a few minutes at the beginning of my day, before I check my phone or emails, to wake up and to connect with my own body, breath and mind, I feel that I enter my day from a place of calmness and purpose. Below is my morning routine, I would recommend giving some of these things a try, but ultimately you’ll want to find practices and exercises that make YOU feel good.

Morning routine:

  • Wake up (usually by crying baby).

  • Ground feet off of the side of the bed.

  • Drink a big glass of water.

  • Do 5 modified sun salutations (video demonstration below).

  • Do 1 minute of breath of fire (be cautious with this exercise if you are pregnant or on your period).

  • Do 5 minutes of meditation.

  • Read a bit of news on a real paper.

  • Eat a piece of fruit.