Mothers in the 116th Session of Congress

I researched and compiled a list of women who will serve in the House and Senate of the 116th Congress partly out of curiosity and partly to highlight how many women hold high impact jobs and are also mothers. Not that raising the next generation of leaders isn’t high impact enough, but should you also want to take on a top role in the United States Government, it is possible. All of the data came either from the congresswomen’s campaign websites or from news articles.

Here are the numbers:

Out of 125 women who will serve in the 116th session of Congress, at least 97 are mothers or stepmothers, at least 7 have 4 or more children, at least 30 are also grandmothers, at least 3 gave birth while in office and at least 1 gave birth multiple times while in office.

My conclusion: Moms can do anything.