Organic Cotton Sports Bras

Cotton might sound like a kind and gentle fabric, but it can actually be a pretty toxic material. According to reports, the conventional cotton industry used 16.1% of the world’s insecticides and emitted 220 million metric tons of carbon dioxide in 2014. These chemicals have been found in air, water and food sources. It takes 2,700 liters of water to make just one cotton t-shirt and almost 11,000 liters to make a pair of jeans (!!). Exposure to cotton clothing has been shown to increase risk of skin problems and exposure to carcinogens (2). When you buy products made with organic cotton, you are avoiding the use of these nefarious chemicals and utilizing significantly less water.

There are several companies that have made a commitment to using organic cotton. Patagonia uses 100% organic cotton and Nike is one of the top purchasers. Growing brands like prAna, Stella McCartney and Pact are also moving towards organic cotton (3). Make sure to look at the materials list for each item before you buy it. Look for GOTS or OCS certified garments.

Here are some organic cotton based sports bras to keep these dangerous chemicals far from your workout. This post contains affiliate links. I only link to items that I use personally and would recommend to a friend or loved one.

I am a huge fan of Athleta’s clothing, especially because they are B Corp and use many sustainable fabrics. This is their organic cotton bra.

Pact Racerback Sports Bra - Pact is a leader in organic cotton clothing and they make a great, simple sports bra.

Satva organic cotton Bodhi Bra - this organic cotton bra comes in a fun, tropical print.

If your main concern with organic cotton is environmental, you may want to consider buying a sports bra made from recycled polyester or nylon.

Girlfriend Collective is the leader in sustainable activewear made from recycled materials. Check out their gorg sports bras here.

Nike is using recycled polyester in their popular Dri-FIT bras

prAna has a wonderful commitment to sustainability. The beautiful prAna Momento Bra is made from 76% recycled nylon.