2 Poses That Will Ease Mommy Burnout

Did you have a long day, mama? Same. These are two of my favorite poses to encourage relaxation. They are super simple and also effective. After just a few minutes practicing these poses, I usually feel less tense, less stressed, less anxious and even re-energized.

1. Legs up the Wall

This is my absolute favorite way to restore my energy. It helps to relieve tired legs and feet, calm the nervous system and drain negative energy. I do this at the end of a long day or any time I feel emotionally imbalanced. Hold this pose for at least 60 seconds (sometimes it relaxes me so much I fall asleep - it is not recommended to stay sleeping like this). I also would not recommend practicing this pose while pregnant.

VIVAMA-legs up the wall.jpg

2. Supported Bridge

To me, supported bridge feels like a big body sigh. This pose will release tension in your hips, upper legs and whole body. I literally feel the tension melting away as I hold this pose. Hold for at least 60 seconds. This pose can be performed with or without a yoga block (scroll down for options).

Supported Bridge with block - short

VIVAMA-supported bridge block.jpg

Supported bridge with block - tall

VIVAMA-supported bridge block baby .jpg

Supported Bridge without block

VIVAMA-supported bridge hands.jpg

*make sure your elbows and forearms stay in a straight line perpendicular to the floor. You shouldn’t feel any uncomfortable pressure in your arms