Check out these Retreats for Mom and Baby

Are you itching to travel the world to a tranquil locale where you can feast on the fruits of the earth and yoga, meditate and massage away your days? Oh right, your a mom. As if you could get away for a 10-day galavant around the globe. What if I told you you could. Seriously. There are a few magnificent-sounding retreats that are designed for mama and baby or for the whole family. Move, breathe and connect at one of these luxurious child-friendly retreats.

Holy Mama Retreat founder Claudia Spahr has created dreamy retreats for mother and child in stunning Ibiza and Morocco locations.

&Breathe has gotten a lot of publicity for their fitness and relaxation retreats for the whole family. Visit stunning locales like Manoir La Croix de La Jugie, France; La Colline des Oliviers, Morocco, Gathering Oaks Retreat, USA and Four Seasons Hampshire, UK

ELEMENT Retreat with Mama Medicine is a retreat by Deborah Hanekamp. Hanekamp or “Mama Medicine” is a New York based healer who creates transcendent Medicine Reading Ceremonies with beautiful baths, flowers, crystals, and herbs. She hosts a yearly child-friendly retreat in the Mottarone mountain range in Italy.