Sustainable Swimwear You Can Buy on Amazon

I do my best to buy eco-conscious clothing. I recently did some research for a soon-to-be published article on sustainable activewear and it shocked me. Most of our stretchy clothes, including yoga pants and swimwear, are made from synthetic plastics like nylon and polyester. These fabrics require immense amounts of energy and water to create. They also emit microplastics into the ocean each time you wash them. The most commonly used sustainable substitute for these materials is ECONYL® which is made from nylon waste from things like fishing nets, carpet, fabric. Many swimwear brands have begun to create lines using this more environmentally friendly material. Unfortunately, clothing made from recycled plastic materials still emit microplastics, but at least you are eliminating the carbon footprint of virgin production.

I’ve done a lot of research into sustainable swimwear over the last couple of years and was excited to see that so many of my favorite brands are available on Amazon.

Check them out:

Vitamin A. This California brand has been at the forefront of sustainability since its inception. Look for their suits made with Ecolux fabrics (83% recycled nylon).

Seea. This is a brand made for surfers, but their suits can be for everyone. I love that their bottoms provide more coverage than most. I also love that their swimwear comes in fun shapes and patterns.

Volcom Simply Solid. Volcom, yes that Volcom, makes an entire line of swimsuits made out of ECONYL®. Yay.

Mara Hoffman. If you’re looking for a designer option, Mara Hoffman is the way to go. They use recycled nylon or polyester in all of their swimwear and overall have a great commitment to sustainability.

Speedo Powerflex Eco . Bravo to Speedo for taking the sustainable plunge and designing several suits made from ECONYL®.

Bonus: Check out these Sea Bags beach bags made from recycled sail cloth.

*This post contains affiliate links, I only link to products that i personally use and would recommend to the people I love.